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Recycling interventions rolled out on London estates as part of major project to boost recycling from flats 

New recycling interventions and facilities are being brought in across four south London housing estates, based on comprehensive...
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Digital illustration of various objects within the circular economy such as a plastic bottle, soap dispenser, bucket of red paint, rolling pin, trainer, thread, electrical fan, reusable trays

Local authorities and SMEs want circular economy to be a much higher priority, finds survey

London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) renamed ReLondon, to help accelerate London’s circular economy and push it up...
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Making recycling work for people in flats: image of three large recycling bins

Resource London research finds common-sense solutions improve recycling rates in flats by a quarter

28 January 2020 A new report published today by Resource London shows that actions such as cleaning up dirty, dark...
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London Recycles graphic: can these be recycled? Various plastic cleaning detergent bottles

Londoners lead the way on improved recycling: 62% recycle more than a year ago

23 September 2019 New data shows 62% of London households are recycling more items, and more often, than they were a year...
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Making recycling work for people in flats: image of large recycling bins

Revealing research gives insights into how to increase recycling rates in flats

11 February 2019 Resource London has today published insights from a detailed piece of in-depth research undertaken with...
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Making recycling work for people in flats: image of three large recycling bins

Tackling London’s waste: new partnership launched to boost recycling in flats

7 February 2018 ReLondon and Peabody housing association  to explore recycling behaviours and improve recycling rates...
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Photo of busy commercial building with stairs running alongside seating area. Walk-way to the right

Route map charts course to £2.8bn economic prize for London

19 June 2017 Today the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) launched its route map to accelerate London’s...
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A pair of yellow wellington boots that are repurposed and used as flower pots

LWARB invests further in the London reuse network

11 December 2014 The London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) has today announced further investment of £1.25 million in...
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Foresight group announces the handover of TEG Biogas’ plant in Dagenham

19 March 2014 TEG Biogas Foresight Group announces the handover of TEG Biogas’ plant in Dagenham, London’s first anaerobic...
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Piles of plastic water bottles in netting

PlasRecycle welcomes minister of state for business and energy

18 February 2014 The Board of PlasRecycle welcomed today Minister of State for Business and Energy, the Rt Hon....
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