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Case study – The circular economy at work: Greyparrot – an AI waste analytics platform

In 2022, ReLondon published The circular economy at work report which demonstrates the circular economy’s potential to...
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A man and a girl are shopping in a supermarket. The man is leaning down to choose an item of food. The girl is sticking out her tongue in concentration and holding a list.

Food for thought – 4 ways to drive a more circular food system in London

Last month was London’s sixth annual Circular Economy Week – an action-packed week with around 80 events showcasing...
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Why we need a London Circular Construction Coalition

At the launch of New London Architecture’s (NLA) new report, Circular London: building a renewable city, we heard...
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Case study – 59 Productions: A stage with a smaller footprint

Snapshot 59 Productions, a design studio and production company based in Islington, knew that the materials used in their...
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Report – Recycling in flats above shops

This report presents the findings of ethnographic research commissioned by ReLondon to determine the unique challenges that...
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Report – London’s fashion footprint: An analysis of material flows, consumption-based emissions, and levers for climate action

The fashion industry is the UK’s largest creative industry, but it comes with a huge environmental price. Fashion accounts...
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Podcast – The circular economy playbook, episode 20: Giving new life to textile waste with Nish Parekh

In this episode, Ali and Rachel interview guest Nish Parkekh, co-founder of KAPDAA – The Offcut Company. KAPDAA creates...
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