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Inspiring campaigns built on deep insight

We inspire Londoners to embrace a more sustainable and circular lifestyle, saving the world one recycled bottle, one second-hand dress, one borrowed drill at a time. Our award-winning campaigns are informed by deep insights and aim to educate, engage and empower citizens and communities to waste less and reuse, repair, share and recycle more.

Engaging with Londoners

Our flagship campaign is London Recycles, run on behalf of the Mayor of London. It is a regional campaign designed to inform and encourage Londoners to recycle the right things, in the right place, no matter where they are in the capital. In recent years the campaign has expanded to include messages on waste prevention, reuse and repair initiatives – such as last year’s first ever London Repair Week.

All campaign assets from the past three years – including the ‘One bin is rubbish’ campaign, plastics messaging and resources to promote repair services – can be found below or on our resources page.

Our specialists also provide London’s boroughs with communications support and expertise, providing templates and messaging support to those changing their service or aiming to boost food waste recycling. We run workshops annually on topics including effective social media advertising, service change communications and more.

If you’re looking for help with commercial or office recycling, we have a set of free, easy-to-use communications resources available on the London Recycles website.

London is a global hub for fashion design, and Londoners buy fashion voraciously – and then throw away around 227,000 tonnes of it in the capital every year. Our Love Not Landfill campaign talks directly to 16-24 year olds to encourage them to change the way they buy, use and dispose of clothes.

In an attempt to tackle the dizzying scale of clothing consumption and its growth over the past 15 years, Love Not Landfill campaigns on social media and using inspiring events – such as our annual charity pop-up shop and clothes swaps in some of London’s liveliest retail neighbourhoods – to build young people’s passion for second-hand fashion, clothes sharing, reselling and swapping. It also promotes reuse and recycling through its fleet of iconic clothes banks, hand-painted by renowned street artist Bambi.

The campaign has its very own youth panel who are consulted weekly on a range of topics; and we conduct annual research to track shifts in attitudes and behaviours amongst young Londoners. Get in touch if you’d like to partner with us on a high impact event – we love collaborations!

Over £2.5bn-worth of food gets thrown away in London every year – and much of that is from homes across the capital. We work with London’s boroughs to help increase the amount of unavoidable food waste that gets recycled; and we campaign to stop food becoming waste in the first place.

Our recent participation in TRiFOCAL, a 3-year project with WRAP and Groundwork London to tackle sustainable diets, food waste prevention and recycling, finished in 2020 – but a huge number of tried and tested communications resources are still available for partners to use. The ‘Small Change, Big Difference’ campaign ran in London for two years, resulting in an impressive 9% reduction in food waste in the six priority boroughs that were most actively involved.

The EU-funded FoodWave project is now enabling us to engage even more deeply with young Londoners, empowering them to take action on climate change. The goal is to create a generation of food activists who will influence those around them to change how they shop, store, cook and eat food. More on this soon!

As well as running communications campaigns designed using behavioural frameworks and principles, we also work on a range of behaviourally-led projects and pilots. We always begin with insights – and wherever possible, ethnographic research. We then take findings from our research to stakeholder groups to work up options for behavioural interventions. These must always be replicable and scalable so that we can share learnings and impact far beyond the initial project.

Our campaign work is also insights-led at all times, and we work with research specialists and our target audience groups to learn from, and respond to, real world views and behaviours. Contact us to find out more about how we can make it normal for customers, residents and stakeholders to recycle more, waste less and find better ways of buying, using and disposing of stuff.

We run regular events and campaign weeks on a variety of topics – including Recycle Week, Repair Week and our Love Not Landfill pop-up shop and awards. If you’d like to be a part of it, take a look at our Get involved page and sign up to our newsletter to find out about opportunities to join our circular community.

Communications resources

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