We have hit peak stuff

Digital illustration of various objects within the circular economy such as a plastic bottle, soap dispenser, bucket of red paint, rolling pin, trainer, thread, electrical fan, reusable trays

We are living through a climate emergency, but the solution to the climate crisis is within our collective grasp.

How we can waste less and reuse, repair and recycle more

We are living in a climate emergency, which is caused by global heating, in turn caused by CO2e emissions. 45% of those emissions come from all the food, materials and products that we make, use and consume every day.

To avert the climate emergency we need to reduce our consumption-based emissions – which means we need to reduce waste, increase recycling and improve resource efficiency. We could make a massive reduction in emissions by transforming how we make, use and dispose of ‘stuff’ – we need a global shift to a circular economy.

This is the essence of circular economy thinking – this is what we do.

How we can help you

At ReLondon, we’re leading a revolution in our relationship with stuff. It’s our mission to transform the way we create, consume and dispose of stuff, drastically reducing our CO2e emissions and protecting our future by enabling London to become a circular economy sooner.

We work with the Mayor and with boroughs, with businesses and citizens to help London waste less and reuse, repair, share and recycle more, making the city a global leader in sustainable ways to live, work and prosper.

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