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Helping boroughs reduce waste, recycle more and embed circular practices

Local authorities are a critical partner in everything we do here at ReLondon. As a partnership of the Mayor and London’s boroughs, we support all 32 of the capital’s boroughs and the City of London to develop waste reduction and recycling plans; to explore, test and roll out initiatives designed to reduce the city’s waste footprint; to reinvigorate the recycling of food, plastics, textiles and more; and embed circular practices and innovation to improve how we live and work.

And that deep, practical knowledge stands us in good stead when we work with local authorities in other parts of the UK too. We champion smart, cost efficient initiatives that deliver transformational change at a local and city-wide level – providing research, insights, practical advice, toolkits and campaigns, available to all and adaptable for bespoke solutions.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you waste less and reuse, repair, share and recycle more, get in touch by emailing hello@relondon.gov.uk

How can ReLondon help?

Through innovative projects such as our flats recycling research and recycling in London’s HMOs research, to our insights work on the recycling motivations of young Londoners, we have built a body of knowledge and expertise to help London’s boroughs cut straight to the chase in their efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling.

Take a look at our resources page to explore our practical advice, toolkits and resources.

Our award-winning London Recycles campaign was created to support all London boroughs in raising awareness and understanding about recycling collections across the capital. In recent years it has expanded to include waste prevention initiatives, including London Repair Week. Our sustainable fashion campaign targeted at 16–24-year-olds in London, Love Not Landfill, has also won awards for its pop-up charity shops, clothes swapping events and schools engagement activity. Food waste prevention campaigns are also a regular part of our work.

Check out our current ‘Be that person‘ campaign that aims to motivate young Londoners to recycle more.

Building on our innovation and knowledge work we develop practical advice, toolkits, and communication and behaviour change assets that support local authorities to reduce waste, maximise recycling, improve residents’ engagement with local collections and facilities and introduce circular economy innovation that changes our relationship with stuff.

These include our award-winning Flats Recycling Package, Flats Recycling Cost Benefit Calculator, Cost of Contamination Toolkit, and our ‘One bin is rubbish’ campaign resource bank, plastics recycling and waste reduction messaging.

Take a look at our wider resources page to explore more.

We work directly with individual London boroughs to help them develop their waste and recycling strategies, service delivery policies and increase knowledge and capability to make service improvements such as rolling out the flats recycling package or implementing changes to improve the quality of recycling.

We also provide boroughs with direct service and communications support for service change and to increase food waste recycling, and provide capacity training on digital communications and campaign management for boroughs.

To find out more about our bespoke support tailored to your authority’s needs, contact us at hello@relondon.gov.uk

Local authority resources

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