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Clothes for life: new outdoor brand commits to make clothes last

19 September 2019

The London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) and QSA Partners have today announced the first major milestone in their Circular Fashion Fast Forward project, as Full Stack Supply Co launches a new premier outdoor clothing brand, FW, pronounced “forward.”

FW is one of a number of brands working with LWARB and QSA on the Circular Fashion Fast Forward project, funded by the C&A Foundation as a part of their Bridging the Gap initiative. FW recognizes that incorporating circular economy practices is key to future-proofing their business; so the company’s new range of clothes has been designed to help put an end to throw-away consumerism, emphasizing durable, high-quality construction and materials to ensure the garments last and last.

The real innovation however—a result of tailored business model development from LWARB and QSA—is that customers will be able to repair their clothing if needed. Through a dedicated service designed to make clothes last longer, customers will have the option of having garments repaired for free within a warranty period. Repairs will still be available to customers at a low cost beyond the warranty period.

A repair service is one of several models companies may integrate into their business to create more value and profit, whilst reducing their environmental impact. Repairing products helps to keep them in use for longer and builds loyalty with the customer. By repairing every garment it can, FW is selling clothes that could be worn for life. This is an important move away from the usual practice of simply disposing of clothes when they become damaged.

As people are waking up to the impacts of their shopping habits and increasingly demanding more sustainable options from the brands they love, a growing number of businesses are implementing alternatives to the current high-impact ‘take, make, dispose’ business model.

Olivia Herbert, Head of Operations at FW said:
“The business model advice from LWARB and QSA has been essential. It has helped us to understand the circular models that best fit with our rapidly-growing business and our high performance, forward-thinking apparel for alpine living. We know that we’re just starting out on our journey to take our place in the circular economy and we’re delighted to be global leaders on the expedition.”

LWARB and QSA Partners are taking FW, Ted Baker, Farfetch and one other global brand on a journey to explore circular economy business models, as part of the C&A Foundation Bridging the Gap initiative. Each brand wants to match their ambition for greater sustainability with their customers’ needs and values. At the end of the project, each will have tested the best circular business model for both their business and their customers.

Andrea Crump, project lead for Circular Fashion Fast Forward, said:
“The aim of our project is to demonstrate how the circular economy can help brands to hit their environmental and economic targets and succeed in today’s marketplace. We are working with several market players across the fashion sector to illustrate the competitive advantage of circular business models. And how they can help to build not just a more sustainable business but customer loyalty too.”

Editor notes

The London Waste and Recycling Board is a partnership of the Mayor of London and the London boroughs to improve waste and resource management. The city’s economic and environmental future depends on a transition to a low-carbon circular economy, and LWARB works to ensure that London’s businesses, local government and communities thrive by helping them make the very best use of resources and materials.

Press inquiries
Isabella Kima

QSA Partners are a team of leading circular economy business consultants who use strong commercial, financial and sustainability expertise, alongside practical and experienced project management to develop and implement successful circular business models. We work hands-on with businesses to help them take innovative business propositions to commercial reality and have more than 50 years combined experience in low carbon economics, resource efficient business, innovation and financial modelling.
For more information, please visit

FW was born in the Swiss Alps, with roots spanning from the Rockies, to the peaks of Tirol and The French Alps. The company draws inspiration from the mountains’ natural forms that hold both simplicity and intricate detail. FW understands the demands of apparel better than anyone and incorporates the functional details needed with a minimalist touch. Its designers’ perspectives and approach to product design is channelled by this environment and how they want to experience life within it. They aim to keep FW supporters inspired and equipped to continue seeking new experiences in nature’s playground. Please direct inquiries to:

Circular Fashion Fast Forward project
The Circular Fashion Fast Forward project, run by LWARB in partnership with QSA, is part of the Bridging the Gap group, funded by C&A Foundation, to inspire and activate fashion industry players to accelerate the adoption and implementation of circular business models with net positive outcomes. More information available here.

Bridging the Gap
Bridging the Gap (BtG) is a learning group which brings together four independent initiatives united by one shared purpose: advancing circular business models in the fashion industry. Each initiative has a unique area of expertise, but all are working to build a fashion industry where materials are safe, non-virgin, renewable and can be endlessly used and reused. BtG comprises Circle Economy, London Waste and Recycling Board in partnership with QSA Partners, Forum for the Future in collaboration with Fashion for Good, and World Resources Institute in partnership with WRAP. BtG was established as a formal learning group by C&A Foundation, to rise to the challenge of advancing circular business models together.

C & A Foundation
C&A Foundation is a corporate foundation here to transform the fashion industry. They work with change-makers all over the world, offering financial support, expertise and networks to make the industry work better for every person it touches. C&A Foundation is driven by the belief that despite the vast and complex challenges, collaborative action can make fashion a force for good. For more information, please visit

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