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Toolkit – Commercial food waste recycling services

Local authorities recycle just 17% of the commercial waste they collect. There is a huge opportunity to significantly increase London’s commercial recycling rate and reduce the city’s carbon-related impacts through the provision of a well-developed commercial recycling and waste service that includes food waste recycling. Considered disposal methods for food such as anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting not only offer a greater CO2 emissions benefit compared to landfill or incineration, but considerable costs savings too.

In summer 2021, ReLondon and the Greater London Authority facilitated a series of workshops on commercial food waste recycling. Commercial waste officers from local authorities in London and beyond shared their experiences in service planning, operations, marketing and business engagement.

This toolkit brings together the key learning points to act as a helpful guide for other local authorities looking to establish a new food waste recycling service or expand an existing one.

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