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Podcast – The circular economy playbook, episode 6: Circular economy and the revolution of repair

In this episode Wayne and Ali take a deep dive into repair as a revolutionary act and contextualise repair within the circular economy business model.

With thanks to our contributors:

Mercedes Oli, co-founder of MER-IT and David Sutherland, computer programmer at Wizzie Wizzie Computer Coding Club who share insights on fixing computers and muse on how the most expensive product isn’t always the best or most repairable one.

We also discuss sustainability in fashion with Sandya Lang, sustainability manager at Nudie Jeans who have made repair central to their business model by making it central to the service they offer their customers.

And we talk to Kyle Wiens, founder and CEO of iFixit; the online repair manual seeking to democratise the practice by showing everyone how to fix their stuff.


Hosted by: Wayne Hubbard – CEO @ ReLondon / Ali Moore – Head of communications @ ReLondon

Produced by: Isabella Nasak Kima – Corporate communications lead @ ReLondon

Editing and sound engineering by: Lucy Lucraft

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