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Podcast – The circular economy playbook, episode 21: Unlocking the huge economic potential for recommerce businesses with Visa and Barclaycard Payments

In this episode, Ali and Graeme interview guests Alessandro Figueroa, head of SMB business for commercial solutions at Visa Europe and Linda Weston, managing director, head of commercial issuing at Barclaycard Payments about the vast economic opportunities for circular “recommerce” business models.

They discuss Visa and Barclaycard’s latest research measuring the significant and ever growing contribution of recommerce businesses – such as resale, reuse, repair and rental businesses – to  the economy; and how businesses are already measuring the fiscal benefits of switching to recommerce revenue streams to meet consumer demand.

They also outline the role that payment providers and card issuers can play in supporting circular recommerce businesses to thrive in a changing world, with shifting consumer demands and wider motivations around sustainability, and their role in making people’s experience of recommerce shopping smooth and frictionless.

Resources mentioned throughout the episode:

Visa – Recommerce hub

Barclaycard research – Recommerce Revolution

Repair Week – 130+ events taking place across London from 11-17 March

Fat Llama – Rent (almost) anything  

Library of Things – Borrow useful Things for your home

Bundlee – Rent baby and toddler clothes

The Seam – Care and repair services for clothing and accessories

Splendid Stitches – Clothes repair service

ReLondon – Londoners’ repair behaviours research

EON – Track your clothing or product’s lifecycle with a digital passport

Again – making reusable packaging as affordable, accessible and scalable as single use

Back Market – global marketplace for refurbished devices

Vinted – Online marketplace for buying, selling and exchanging new or secondhand items, mainly clothing and accessories

Loma – secondhand and rental site aggregator

Twice – Sell, rent and resell circular commerce marketplace

Decathlon – Free Bike Health Check Repair Week workshop, available across London in the following stores: Croydon, Ealing Broadway, High Street Kensington, Surrey Quays and Wandsworth.

SOJO – Door-to-door clothing alterations and repairs

REWORK – refurbish and reuse project in Wandsworth, where repairable white-goods are fixed up by trainees who are getting back into workplace.

Correction: Alessandro Figueroa is the head of SMB business for commercial solutions at Visa Europe, not the head of strategy and B2B partnerships as stated in the introduction.

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Hosted by: Ali Moore – Head of communications @ ReLondon / Graeme English – Circular economy advisor @ ReLondon

Produced by: Georgina Eldridge Corporate communications manager @ ReLondon

Podcast producer and episode editing by: Podcast Pioneers

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