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Podcast – The circular economy playbook, episode 2: Circular economy and sustainable fashion

What are the circular economy business models driving the transition to a sustainable fashion industry? In this episode we discuss some of these models and speak to some of the great businesses in London putting them into practice and contributing to the city’s transition to a low carbon economy.

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In this episode a number of circular economy business models are discussed.

We hear from FW, a recently launched outdoor brand who have embedded longevity and repair into its business model. As well as using durable, high-quality construction and materials to ensure its garments last, FW offers a comprehensive warranty and repairs service to customers. Find out more about FW here.

On take back and resale, we hear from Stuffstr, a social enterprise that works with retailers to buy back and resell used clothing. Find out more Stuffstr here.

We talk about a hire and lease model used by The Nu Wardrobe, a community-centred online platform to share clothes with friends and Nu members. Find out more about The Nu Warbdrobe here.

And on subscription we hear from Bundlee the UK’s first baby clothing rental subscription. Find out more about Bundlee here.

We are aware that there are many more models out there and we plan to talk about them in a future episode. Do let us know which ones you would like to hear more about in the future!


With thanks to our contributors: Eifaz Ahmed – Director @ Apex Holdings Limited / John Atcheson – Co-Founder and CEO @ Stuffstr / Sara Asmoarp – Quality and Sustainability manager @ FW / Eve Kekeh – Founder @ Bundlee / Andrea Crump – Circular Economy Policy and Projects Officer @ ReLondon

Hosted by: Wayne Hubbard – CEO @ ReLondon / Ali Moore – Head of communications @ ReLondon

Produced by: Isabella Nasak Kima – Corporate communications lead @ ReLondon

Sound engineering by: Breen Turner

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