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Podcast – The circular economy playbook, episode 15: Sustaining steel reuse with Roy Fishwick

In this episode Ali and Andrea speak to Roy Fishwick, managing director of Cleveland Steel & Tubes Ltd. Having worked in construction for over 30 years, Roy has been at the forefront of championing for a sustainable and transformational shift in the industry, from innovation and problem solving, to legislative change. Ali and Roy discuss the challenges of sourcing reuse material and the barriers to normalising its reuse in the built environment, and how the UK is leading the way in creating circular economy practice across the construction sector, narrowing the gap between assumption and acceptance of reclaimed materials.

For more information on circular construction, check out CIRCuIT, a collaborative project between ReLondon, and partners in Copenhagen, Hamburg and Vaanta looking at how cities can drive a more systemic shift to more circular construction approaches.

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Hosted by: Ali Moore – Head of communications @ ReLondon / Andrea Charlson – Commercial manager and built environment lead @ ReLondon

Produced by: Cecilia Law, Corporate communications manager @ ReLondon

Podcast producer and episode editing by: Podcast Pioneers

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