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Podcast – The circular economy playbook, episode 1: What is the circular economy?

Press play, sit back and relax while we explain what a ‘circular economy’ is and introduce you to the five main circular economy business models. If you’re new to circular economy, this is the place to start.

Further reading / viewing

The following are mentioned in this podcast:

The butterfly diagram illustrates the continuous flow of technical and biological materials through the ‘value circle’, and outlines the three key principles of the circular economy. 

This video succinctly explains what the circular economy is and the opportunity it presents

The Adidas FUTURECRAFT LOOP shoe, which David Quass talks about in this episode, is a demonstration of a truly circular product. Find out more about Adidas’ inspiration, motivation and process for creating the shoe in this video and on the Futurecraft site.


Hosted by: Wayne Hubbard – CEO @ ReLondon / Ali Moore – Head of communications @ ReLondon

Produced by: Isabella Nasak Kima – Corporate communications lead @ ReLondon

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