Pillar 4: Citizens

Encouraging Londoners to
embrance cicular lifestyles

Tackling the climate emergency calls for systemic change, which means looking at all the different players in the system – and that includes all of us in our role as citizens, or what the linear economy likes to call ‘consumers’.

45% of the dangerous emissions causing the global climate crisis are associated with the production and consumption of stuff – food, plastics, textiles, electricals and more – and while government at every level, and businesses of every size, hold a great deal of the responsibility for taking action on climate, behaviour change to buy, use and waste less stuff is required. This means we need to get citizens involved.

During the 2022-23 year we delivered the final activations for the EU-funded Food Wave project; reached two million Londoners with our ‘Be that person’ recycling campaign; initiated a new food campaign, ‘Eat like a Londoner’, in collaboration with the Greater London Authority, 27 London boroughs, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Google; ran our biggest ever Repair Week (which expanded to Manchester for the first time); and connected shoppers directly with more circular products and services via our Mindful Shopper campaign.

In a survey conducted by London Councils in September 2023, over 40% of respondents said that ReLondon’s campaigns had prompted them to reduce waste, adopt more circular practices (such as repair, reuse, sharing and recycling) and had helped build their understanding about how they as individuals can help with the climate crisis.

The year in numbers

80 %
of Londoners who saw our ‘Be that person’ campaign said they recycle more, compared to only 54% of non-campaign viewers
10 ,000
kgs of textiles collected for reuse through our Love Not Landfill campaign
events held during the Food Wave project to inspire young Londoners to understand and tackle the climate impacts of their food behaviours
partners engaged during Repair Week 2023, running over 100 events

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