Pillar 1: Evidence

Bulding evidence
to inspire action

Insight and evidence sit at the core of everything we do. We also run pilots and demonstration projects to discover what really works; and communicate our findings through informative publications, engaging podcasts and inspiring events.

Our research team produced two landmark reports in the 2022-23 year: The first report ‘The circular economy at work’ quantified London’s opportunity to grow its economy to around £24.2bn by 2030 and the jobs market to create an additional 284,000 jobs by 2030 by delivering the circular economy-related activities and targets outlined in the London Environment Strategy.

The second report ‘London’s food footprint progress report’, summarised the key interventions currently being led by the Mayor of London and ReLondon to reduce food waste and encourage more sustainable diets, as well as agro-ecologically and locally grown food. All these actions have been taken in response to
ReLondon’s ground-breaking material flow analysis of London’s food system from the previous year, ‘London’s food footprint’.

Circular Economy Week in 2022 focused on green growth and the power of circularity to create meaningful jobs for all of our citizens. Sponsored by Cleveland Steel and the London Environment Directors’ Network, the week inspired more than 900 people to take part in over 50 events.

In a survey circulated to London’s boroughs in September 2023, local authorities self-reported that they were helped and inspired to pursue new actions or work more effectively as a result of accessing ReLondon’s research and data, pilot results, events or other related resources.

The year in numbers

knowledge products published, including four reports and insight notes providing in-depth research and analysis, plus 15 case studies with inspiring examples of circular economy actions and businesses
different pilots and demonstration projects delivered in collaboration with local government, architects, universities and business innovators
13 ,13
listeners globally for our podcast The circular economy playbook, covering topics including reusing steel and how a luxury furniture brand can create both environmental and social impact
9 ,000+
attendees at Circular Economy Week, showcasing London’s circular economy and bringing together global leaders, practitioners and ‘stuff’ revolutionaries everywhere

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