Read the EMF’s case study on ReLondon’s Business Transformation


The Ellen McArthur Foundation has collected examples of how city governments are enabling circular opportunities from across the globe. The ReLondon’s Business Transformation programme has been included as a case study for London.

You can download the full case study here.


Increasing reach through collaboration and agility. The programme’s collaboration with ReLondon’s wider activities, networks and initiatives (such as Circular London), and with the Greater London Authority’s policy initiatives (such as the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Award), has contributed to its development. It has increased the programme’s depth, reach and ability to address key needs. ReLondon’s Business Transformation also regularly evaluates its activities, convening SMEs and other stakeholders to assess its added value, and adapting its activities to maximise impact.

Developing tailored programmes to support circular economy business and policy transitions.

Having direct contact with SMEs through the bespoke elements of the programme has allowed the ReLondon’s Business Transformation team to have a real-time understanding of SME needs and challenges. This not only informs the evolution of the programme but can also inform wider policy development.

Measuring progress to give ReLondon’s Business Transformation and SMEs visibility on impact and inform future developments.

The dedicated framework developed for the programme allows the team and SMEs to capture baseline measurements and circular economy progress in the form of economic and job opportunities rising from the shift to circular business models. The measurement also helps businesses identify relevant areas for innovation across their value chains.

Creating resilient local economies and innovative business cultures.

The programme helps local SMEs to be at the forefront of circular economy innovations, which in turn helps unlock the associated economic, environmental and social benefits that are being captured in the measurement framework. The programme also opens up partnership opportunities and knowledge exchange with larger organisations, helping to drive an overall culture of business innovation.

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