Validate your model

Test your circular credentials and get the proof you need to confidently launch or scale your business.

Validate your model

Whether you’re new to circular economy or a seasoned pro, you're passionate about making a positive environmental impact and you've got a brilliant plan. Before you launch, wouldn't it be great to test how sustainable it really is?

We can help you examine every aspect of your business, from the economics through to the environmental credentials. We’ll ask you the hard questions to ensure your new circular product or initiative will be bulletproof when you bring it to market.

What to expect

Every quarter we select 3 or 4 businesses to receive one-to-one support from our advisors. Applications remain open throughout the year with each new batch of SMEs selected in the month before the start of the quarter – scroll on to apply.

  • Work closely with our expert circular economy business advisors to validate your business proposition and truly understand its environmental impact
  • Receive practical guidance in one-to-one meetings and receive a tailor-made circularity report
  • Confidently launch your new circular business, product or initiative
  • Join our circular ecosystem and take advantage of speaking opportunities, grow your network, share ideas and collaborate

How it works

Pull it apart

  • Dissect your strategy, test the business case and interrogate your circularity claims
  • Gain a solid understanding of your true environmental impact
  • Work closely with an expert business advisor to eliminate any unwelcome surprises.

Put it back together

  • Discover opportunities to strengthen your business model
  • Uncover untapped revenue opportunities
  • Receive guidance on how best to  implement our recommended changes

Take action

  • Launch your circular product or service with confidence and authenticity
  • If your solution proves to have a net positive impact, qualify for further bespoke support such as a custom-made impact calculation


Applications open for Jul-Sep 2021

14 Jun

Deadline for applications

25 Jun

Successful applicants notified

Jul-Sep 2021

Diagnostic meeting and circularity report production

Apply if you are

  • planning to launch an exciting new product or initiative and want concrete proof that it has the positive environmental impact you’re aiming for
  • a promising circular start-up that’s just launched and want to make sure you’re on the right track
  • an established, successful circular business and you’re ready to release a new product or you simply want validation of your business-as-usual