Redesign your business

Discover how to design circularity into your business and make the most of resources to cut costs and tap into new revenue opportunities.

Build Back Better

We are looking to support forward-thinking businesses so that they don’t just recover from Covid-19 but emerge stronger and ready to prosper in a circular economy.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of the current economic system. Funded by the Mayor of London as part of the Green New Deal, our free, fully funded support offers you the chance to identify circular opportunities for your business and to develop a circular business model that is resilient and fit-for-the-future.

What to expect

  • Dive into your business and environmental challenges with a dedicated advisor
  • Problem solve and identify circular opportunities that could cut costs, generate revenue and reduce waste
  • Received at least 12 hours of dedicated time from expert advisors and gain the knowledge you need to implement a winning circular strategy
  • Join our circular ecosystem and take advantage of speaking opportunities, grow your network, share ideas and collaborate

Who can apply?

This support is open to any London-based SME*, whether you have a circular economy idea you’d like to get off the ground, have started looking at new circular ways of doing business but aren’t certain of the next steps, or are just curious to find out ways the circular economy can help you build back better.


To qualify for bespoke circular economy advice, SMEs need to:

  • be able to demonstrate financial accounts for a minimum of 2 years prior to receiving the support
  • employ a minimum of 3 full time employees at the time of receiving the support
  • be able to demonstrate employing a minimum of 3 full time employees at the time of receiving the support
  • be able to demonstrate that a certain number of jobs in their company are at risk prior to receiving support
  • be willing and have the capacity to launch circular initiatives, with the aim to either increase your competitive advantage, highlight new revenue opportunities, or reduce costs, while achieving positive environmental outcomes


We especially encourage applications from SMEs who have been particularly affected by Covid-19:

  • SMEs in the hospitality, retail or entertainment sectors
  • SMEs led by individuals from under-represented demographics such as female or Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups


*An SME employs fewer than 250 people, has an annual turnover under EUR 50 million or annual balance sheet less than EUR 43 million, and is not a subsidiary and/or under the control of one or several other enterprises (25% threshold).

How it works


Circular business review

Your dedicated circular economy advisor will:

  • Carry out a free and thorough assessment to understand your current business practices
  • Identify opportunities to design circularity into your business to reduce waste, cut costs and tap into new revenue opportunities
  • Discuss any circular business ideas you already have and explore how these might benefit your business


Your opportunities explained

  • You’ll get a free report that summarises all your business’s circular opportunities
  • The report will show the benefits of acting e.g. estimated cost savings, revenue generation and environmental impact
  • You’ll also be given recommendations on how each opportunity can be achieved


Make it happen

  • Your advisor will support you to refine your opportunities and develop an action plan to success
  • We’ll provide introductions to relevant partners and services and, where available, sources of funding

Interactive Workshops

Build Back Better workshops are an ideal opportunity for businesses to find out about circular economy opportunities, be inspired by successful case studies and learn how they can reduce waste, cut costs and tap into new revenue opportunities.

We’ve got four themed workshops planned:

During the workshops, businesses will take a fresh look at the resources flowing through their operations and identify opportunities to transform their waste into valuable materials.

If you would like to future proof your business and explore new circular business practices that can help you cut costs, boost revenues and protect jobs, click the link below to express your interest.

Pilot a circular initiative