Apply for funding to make your circular economy ideas a reality

Circular Economy Grants for Islington SMEs

We’re excited to be partnering with Islington Council to offer grants and expert advice to small businesses based in the borough of Islington to help them build circular economy practices into their business or scale up the circular activities they already do.

Whether you already offer products and services that reduce waste and increase levels of recycling, reuse, repair, sharing and renting in Islington, or are keen to start, you'll be able to apply for grant funding early next year – express your interest below to be the first to hear when applications open and in the meantime, read about what you can do to prepare.

We want to hear from you even if you’re new to this topic! This is a fantastic opportunity for you to play a part in tackling climate change, helping Islington kick-start their circular economy journey and move towards becoming a net zero borough by 2030!

Circular economy grants: information webinar

Tuesday 25 January, 2-3pm

We are running a webinar for Islington’s small businesses on Tuesday, where you can learn more about the circular economy, what will be funded by circular economy grants and whether your business is eligible.

Click the button below to register for the webinar:

What’s on offer?

In January 2022, Islington Council will offer grants of up to £10,000 to small, Islington-based businesses (<50 employees) who are looking to either try a circular business model for the first time or scale up one they already offer.

Selected grantees will also receive dedicated support from a ReLondon business advisor to make their ideas a reality and increase their chance of success. 

We want to: 

  • help businesses reduce their environmental footprint and unlock opportunities for growth and resilience; 
  • increase awareness about and access to circular economy products and services for Islington residents and visitors; and 
  • directly or indirectly create training and employment opportunities in emerging industries across Islington

We’re still shaping the grants programme so make sure to have your say through the ‘Expression of Interest’ form below. 

What is a circular economy and how can it help my business?


A circular economy is one in which stuff is kept in use for as long as possible, delivering the highest value it can for as long as it can. So rather than taking, making, using and then throwing stuff away (a linear system), a circular economy means looking at each of those stages and finding new ways to cycle materials back into your business again and again – potentially cutting costs, creating new sources of income, and increasing customer loyalty, to become a more resilient business.

Inspiration guide: Click here to read more and start thinking about the opportunities for your business.

You can make your business more circular by building in one of these 5 circular business models:

  • 1

    Using stuff wisely 

    Using recycled materials to make something new, minimising waste and making the most out of every bit of material

  • 2

    Using stuff again

    Capturing materials at the end of their first life and using them again for a different (valuable) purpose

  • 3

    Making things well 

    Designing things to last as long as possible and ensuring that they can be maintained, re-used and repaired 

  • 4

    Renting, not buying

    Leasing and renting products so that your business retains ownership and can use them over and over

  • 5


    Getting use out of under-used products and buildings by sharing them with others or helping others to share their things through a sharing platform

24th Jan

Grant applications open

25th Jan


27th Feb

Grant applications close

Mar 2022

Award of grants

Apr-Jun 2022

Dedicated advisory support

Click the button below to express your interest and be the first to hear when applications open