Amplify your impact

Scale and enable other organisations to embrace circularity.

Circular Partnerships

Are you an established circular business with some track record of impact? Are you convinced that you could grow faster and create even more positive impact, if only you could make the right connections?

This support, delivered as part of London & Partner's Grow London Early Stage programme, is dedicated to making partnership opportunities with public sector organisations more accessible to small, circular businesses like yours.

Scale your business by collaborating with councils across the UK, educational institutions, non-departmental bodies and functional bodies such as Transport for London and London Fire Brigade.

The support kicks off in Jan 2024 with training packages that lay the groundwork for better conversations, followed by opportunities to participate in a meet the innovator showcase and demonstrator projects, details of which will be released later in the year.

What's on offer

This support stream is divided into three training packages designed around a specific theme.

Apply for the training package that best suits your circular solution to receive specially tailored training content and networking opportunities.

Additional training packages may be added later in the year subject to demand.


  • 1

    Circular offices

    Helping public sector offices and facilities to operate in a more circular way.

    E.g. Refillable cleaning products or snacks, circular merchandise, refurbished furniture

    Duration: Feb-Apr 2024

  • 2

    Circular food

    Empowering local authorities to meet their Food Purchasing Commitment and ensure that
    food bought and served across council services is healthy, climate- and
    nature-friendly, and never wasted.

    E.g. Sourcing local, surplus produce, reducing food waste in commercial kitchens

    Duration: Feb-Apr 2024

  • 3

    Circular neighbourhoods

    Helping councils encourage Londoners to reuse, repair or share in their boroughs,
    and/or creating the infrastructure to make these behaviours more accessible,
    convenient or affordable.

    E.g. B2C rental solutions, peer to peer sharing, B2B solutions for small, local businesses

    Duration: Apr-Jun 2024

Training package structure

Interactive training session

Attend a 2 hour interactive training session to learn what motivates public sector organisations; how they make decisions; different models of partnership and how to effectively position your offer.

Meet with public sector organisations

Attend a curated discussion with representatives from public sector organisations with a keen interest in your chosen training package theme. Understand their perspective, learn about their needs and challenges and ask your burning questions directly.

Circular Economy Matchmaker

If eligible, create a profile on ReLondon’s Circular Economy Matchmaker, our online platform showcasing and connecting innovative circular businesses to investors and public sector organisations.

Further opportunities

Be considered for opportunities for demonstrator projects and meet-and-greet opportunities with public sector organisations.

Become a member of London & Partner’s alumni network and access more support.

Who can apply

To be eligible for this support, businesses must:

    • be a London-based SME (fewer the 250 employees)
    • have at least 2 employees
    • have been trading for at least 18 months
    • have generated turnover or investment of at least £50,000 in the last 12 months
    • be implementing one or more of ReLondon’s five circular business models

We particularly encourage applications from businesses with leadership from diverse backgrounds such as those led by individuals identifying as female, Black, Asian or Minority-ethnic, and/or with a disability.

Are you a public sector organisation interested in engaging with circular businesses? Get in touch to see how you can get involved:

What is Grow London Early Stage?

Grow London Early Stage is a London & Partner’s business support programme for early-stage growth companies active in high growth sectors that support sustainable and inclusive growth in London. The programme is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

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