Food that doesn’t cost the earth: A guide for food businesses


In collaboration with the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), we created this practical toolkit to help restaurants and food business buy less, buy smart, use resources more efficiently, and throw away smarter.

This guide is full of simple but effective things you can do to make a real difference – not just to the environment, but to your business’ bottom line as well. The average London food service business could save £6,000 a year by wasting less food – equating to a £240m saving for the capital’s restaurants.

Our guide puts restaurants and food businesses at the heart of London’s low carbon, circular economy, building a more resilient, sustainable food economy that doesn’t cost the earth.

Ready to take action?

“If you are serious about tackling the climate emergency, you absolutely must take at least some of the seven ingredients in this guide and start to create your own menu for a food future that improves rather than damages the environment and which extracts maximum value out of your precious ingredients ”

Raymond Blanc OBE, President of the Sustainable Restaurant Association