Wrap Up: Circular Food Business Masterclass


On the 29th July 2020 we held our first ever completely virtual workshop! The Circular Food Business Masterclass brought together a variety of food businesses, all looking to become responsible, circular businesses as they re-open post-Covid. Using our Circular Economy guide aimed specifically at the food service industry ‘Food the doesn’t cost the earth‘, the team supported food service businesses and stakeholders to investigate how they can implement circular changes across their whole business.

We were pleased to be joined by Eleanor Morris from WRAP who told us about their Guardians of Grub initiative and Claire Brunel from Too Good To Go who introduced their food distribution service that lets food businesses sell unused food via their app. You can catch their presentations below, along with Jean’s intro as to why all this is so important.

Introduction – Jean Billant, ReLondon’s Business Transformation programme

Eleanor Morris, WRAP – Guardians of Grub

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Claire Brunel, Too Good To Go

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Food that doesn’t cost the earth

About the guide

Our guide contains practical actions food business can take, using a more circular approach to reduce their impact on the environment and make their business more resilient to future shocks.

With actions focused around seven key ingredients (food and drink, energy, transportation, consumables, facilities management, packaging and water), it takes the complexities of the challenges faced and boils them down to five simple principles of a circular food business: buy less, buy smart, use resources more efficiently, throw away less and throw away smarter.

Ready to take action?

“If you are serious about tackling the climate emergency, you absolutely must take at least some of the seven ingredients in this guide and start to create your own menu for a food future that improves rather than damages the environment and which extracts maximum value out of your precious ingredients ”

Raymond Blanc OBE, President of the Sustainable Restaurant Association